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  • I would like to start off by saying how satisfied I am with your top selling agent, Arman Grigoryan!
    Arman delivered as promised and I am very grateful for that. Not only is he a thorough agent, but he
    exceeded my expectations. His honesty and speedy skills proved to be worthwhile.
    I was in a hurry to sell my home and neglected to see that my home was not in the best selling
    condition. Arman pointed me in the right direction as far as what needed to be worked on before we
    could list the property. Indeed he was right, as we receive three offers on the property right after it was
    What amazed me was how fast the property sold. Arman was able to sell the property within 7 days,
    and he was able to sell it for $10,000 more than the listed price! Aside from that, he kept me in the
    loop about what was going on throughout the entire process.
    His personality, his common sense, and his keen sense of real estate matters was a tremendous benefit
    to me. I got a great deal on my home and it was done within the time frame I had hoped it would be.
    I would like to thank Arman for his outstanding services, dedication, and support. He truly is a top
    selling agent. Arman is someone whom I would highly recommend to handle any real estate
    transactions. He sets the standard for excellence for real estate agents. Put simply, he is the BEST!
    Name: Veronica Abramyan

  • Dear Arman,

    We want to thank you for your hard, efficient, and excellent work. We have not yet met an agent who
    is as outstanding and as patient as you are. We value your dedication in getting to know us and finding a
    home that met our specific needs. We realize that we looked at over 30 homes, and did not agree with
    the price of two offers that had been written. However, with your excellent skills you were able to find
    just the right home for us.
    We also owe you a great deal of gratitude as you were able to negotiate the listing price down within
    two to three weeks. Thank you for saving us $50,000! We have a beautiful home now, and saved
    money on top of it, and we owe it all to you.
    Keep up the good work, we will gladly recommend you to anyone who will be needing the services of
    a great realtor.
    Name: Avitosh and Family

  • It was a great pleasure dealing with your companys agent, Arman Grigoryan. I had been working with
    another agent, however he was not able to provide specific attention to cater to my needs. I met Arman
    at his home, where I was working on his cabinets. As we got to know each other, he told me that he is
    a realtor, so I thought I would give him a chance. Within two days, I knew I had made a wise choice.
    Arman was able to find a home for me in a matter of just three weeks. Not only that, but he also
    negotiated the listing price down by $25,000. Now thats what I call a great deal negotiated by a great
    realtor! Arman was able to meet my specific needs and wants, and did so very efficiently. He is an
    honest, hardworking, and knowledgeable realtor.
    Name: Karen Babayan

  • I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and send our best regards to you. Your dedication
    and hard work have not gone unnoticed. The timeless manner in which you were able to refinance our
    house left us in awe. Not only that, but you also worked out a great deal for us.
    I am also pleased with the manner in which you were able to find an investment property for me. You
    were able to negotiate the price down, and we were able to put the least amount of cash down
    possible. For this we would like to communicate our highest praise for you.
    You always maintain a positive attitude, and you indeed guided us throughout the entire process,
    making it a breeze. We appreciate your professionalism, and are glad to have worked with you. Keep
    in mind, we will be coming back in the near future and look forward to your assistance once again. We
    will also be sending anyone we know who needs a realtor you way.
    Name: Henston Wheeler

  • Dear Arman,
    Just want to thank you so very much for selling my home in Valley Glen. You and your team at Remax did a fantastic job and I would highly recommend you to one and all.
    What I really appreciated, was how you always followed through with your phone calls before and after each showing. You gave me enough of a heads-up so that I could do my part in having the house ready to show at all times.
    You encouraged and enlightened me with your kindness and confidence. I felt protected and cared for through the whole process, and as a single woman, it truly meant a lot to me.
    Many Thanks and Blessings,
    Bernadette Parker
    Name: Bernadette Parker
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